Whenever I look at the qualities I want in my husband, The respect I have for women whose husband’s have them increase…

Their wives as help meet cultivated those qualities. Marriage is a call to service!!

Their wives didn’t marry the men you know…They built them.
Their wives didn’t marry the fire,
They fanned the smoke to flame.

Their wives didn’t marry the celebrities, They took a chance on the nonentities.
Their wives didn’t marry the glory,
They were part of the stories.
Never give up on a man with a vision…To them belong the future.

My fellow single sister, it is not enough to admire the work a woman like you did, use the time you have now to get yourself ready for the work ahead….

God and the universe is depending on you;

Celebrating the women who risked all for their men. Thank you for saying Yes, when others said No. Thank you for seeing not only the physical. Thank you for Believing against all odds.

God bless your home!


Addiction is the fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance or activity.

The more I keep silent
The deeper she burns
Why do I find it hard to share my story
A freedom from life’s hurry
An opportunity to live in HIS Glory

If only she knows of my dejection
A proof that abstinence won’t kill her
Neither is abortion the solution
Her inability to say No, now a pollution
The devil happily waiting for her destruction

My past was filled with fear
At night I soaked my pillow with tears
Hopelessly living an undesired life
Wrongfully enjoying the things I shouldn’t
Till I was told…..There was more

HIS Love I couldn’t deserve
My voice no longer reserve
Strength received to daily serve
Sharing HIS love which saves

Finally….I have a purpose
Evangelism, I now suppose
In Love’s grace I take my new pose
Through God’s support, I provide my support

Don’t think of your calling only in terms of “spiritual” gifts. Truly Every member of the body of Christ has been given a spiritual gift by the Holy Spirit.

“I’m afraid that we sometimes limit our thinking by putting clear lines between what is spiritual and what isn’t. We tend to think of our God-given gifts only as those things that might contribute to a church worship service, such as preaching, singing, keeping babies in the nursery, or greeting visitors when they come into the church”

However, We tend to over spiritualise the spiritual, forgetting that our gifts will be manifested physically…

“The gifts God uses are more than just financial or material resources. Your Life’s Gift might be a skill you have developed or expert knowledge you have gained. It might be time that is on your hands. It could be the gift of your smile or a few encouraging words. It might simply be the gift of your presence.”

– Patrick .M. Quinn

As an Event Decorator, I have come to understand that God’s gift is the Beauty created in the service of men. I might never get to raise the dead, or walk on water but through Decorations I have been able to raise Hope, exhibit Love, and give life meanings.

That’s why we are here…. To restore Hope, and show God’s Love; There’s no better place to start than where you are”

We all have the privilege of being mentored and mentoring others, it’s a simple receiving and giving technique.

Find someone to Invest into, Be the Gift!!!


I still remember the way he longed for me, for months he kept asking, for months I wasn’t sure;
Yes we are good friends, actually the best, but they were the Buts…. What if my Yes means I get to lose a friend, What if my Yes reveals our uncompatibilities” What If?? 

I’m now in my finals, all my friends are in a relationship, some are planning marriage, this seems as the best time to say yes. 
Debra has always had something for David, and David had always had something for me, some days I’m sorry for her, for him, but today I was sorry for ME. 
Waiting another day before I voiced my heart cry, seems like waiting for eternity….How will I tell him exactly how I feel, “Where I come from women do not ask a man out” saying those words might  reduce how he sees me, not saying them will reduce how I see me. 
Brought back to reality’ Joy stared at her phone as it rang, ‘speak of the devil’
“How are you”
“I’m good”
“Hope you going for night class”

“I should, I now have an answer to the question you have been asking”

“Which question??”

“The one where you ask me to be your girlfriend”

“I got four Nos, after waiting for months, I’m sure I can’t undergo the pain from those words” 

But my answer is a positive one, for me, I promise to say Yes, I’m ready for our relationship to take the next step..Joy pleaded 

OK… Joy we have been good friends for years, But I want more; if you are willing, I want you to be my Babe, I want us to start planning our lives together, It’s you I have longed for, and no other”
Joy smiled as she said the word that has hurted her for months.. 

Yes,  Yes,  Yes… I want same!! 

Like I said earlier word press is now my abode, because of Pastor Mildred and Kemisniche. 

“God sends others ahead to show us the way, Not many we say Yes Lord’ Appreciate those who did”. 

Last Sunday was a dream come true; I have followed PM from afar  diligently though I was so close, Because I strongly believe in divine connection.

In celebrating her 40th birthday, PM started a series; Journey to 40, and a hangout with 40 ladies…. Supernaturally I was chosen for the “Hangout with Pastor Mildred” 

The moment we walked into the venue, it was a wowing and relaxing atmosphere, there was no guild Up, it was a “yarning something”, we got the behind the scene gists…And I got my dream Hug…And answers to my Heart questions. 

“There are people you meet and your life just becomes better, they challenge everything good in you, And question every bad habits, they modify you into perfection”

David’s Christian Center has a plane filled of such persons; from The Pastors, to The Ministers, to Departmental leaders, and then fellow members like myself. 
The seed of faith, love, perfection, and hope has been sown…. My Life will never be same again!!!

In the pursuit of fulfilling your dreams, The dreams of others must never be tampered with.

I strongly believe that the quickest way to achieve a dream is to help someone achieve theirs.

From the beginning, we were not created to live for Ourselves. We all need friends, partners, colleagues, mentors, parents, to live joyfully in this loud world.

“A Collective effort carries the greatest force” The great men before us like Bill Gate, Mary-Kay, Dora Akunyili, Mama Etive….All had people that worked daily in making their dreams reality.

“It is Easy to reap, after you’ve sowed”; The time you take to encourage a friend, the money give to assist a love one, the comments and likes on a post, and the testimony/ review you give for a product are all seeds, that will determine your Harvest.

It’s high time you get out of your selfish shell, And sow Wisely!!!

Whose Dreams are you making come true??

I have lived on earth for a while now, in the little time that I have spent here, I did realize that… God always come on time.

If you go back memory lane, I’m so sure you will recall the impossible victories won.

How did you do it??

How come you survived, what destroyed others??

That unpleasant, life-changing experience you faced might’ve been a shock to you, but God knew about that before He created you and He already set up an internal encouragement system within you to assist you during difficult times, when you accepted Jesus Christ as your personal LORD and Savior.

In case you have proofs of how you have done all without God, I used to have such proofs, till I disproof them all. So, I’m sure…. “Deep down, there’s the Knowing that someone Bigger than you, kept you”

Whenever you finally decides to make Him your Companion’ He will be right at the door waiting.

His presence Beautifies, Perfects, Purifies,Energies…..At the end,
We will all need Him.

Day 18: He Sees The Bigger Picture.

Every single time Faith defeats fear. What are you afraid of??

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I have totally enjoyed these days of receiving and reading these testimonies of promises fulfilled. From today’s Testimony I learned courage! God will always give us the Grace to handle what we think our hearts can not contain. And I have to applaud you Peace for moving fearlessly with God 👏👏👏

Read Peace’s testimony here 👇

☆ ☆ ☆

During the Just Us Girls 2016 conference “BeYouTiFul”, Pastor Jerry Eze explained that Beauty comes from the Glory of God. . . And that just like at the end of Nollywood movies, I will say “To God Be The Glory!”

The word I picked from my promise slip was Amos 9:13-15 (MSG); “Everything will be happening at once – and everywhere you look, blessings! Blessing like wine pouring off the mountains and hills, I’ll make everything right again for my people Israel.” (Efughi)

Before the conference, I was praying and…

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